The best and worst office views in the world

Lynsey Barber
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If you've ever sat at your desk, staring out towards the neighbouring office building glimpsing just a tiny square of sky, console yourself with the fact that it's definitely a better spot than at least one other person in the world (possibly several).

The view from this Aldershot office takes some beating for the sheer scale of dullness and dinginess, and has, in fact, been voted the worst in a global search to find the best and worst workplace vistas.

Office worker Melanie Jones said: “When I first saw the competition on Twitter, I had to laugh at the other worst office entries, compared to mine they seemed heavenly. My office looks out onto a tiny flat roof area with an air conditioning unit, which makes so much noise that I can barely hear people talk. Rather ironically, it forces hot air into my office too - not so good when the weather is warm.”

Giving her a run for her money were these three less-than-stunning landscapes from several unnamed London offices.

Is it the barbed wire? The peeling beige paint? Pipework perhaps? Or sight of scaffolding? Who can say, but they do not paint a pretty picture.

On the flipside the competition, run by Mobileslots, turned up this treasure as the best office view in the world: and it's hard to disagree.

Look away now to avoid a serious bout of office envy (and the fancy digs of startups and tech companies have nothing on this).

A groundskeeper in the market town of Bungay in Suffolk, Andrew Atterwill enjoys views like this while working outside.

If ever there was a reason to think of switching careers, he had this to say: “I took the photo along the banks of the river Waveney that divides Norfolk where I work in Earsham and Suffolk on the other side of the river. The view inspires me every day, I love photography and nature - you never know what you will see. I get into work early to sit on the bench to watch the sunrise so there is always an opportunity to take photos as no two days are the same.”

Among the hundreds of entries, these stunning views of the capital also made the top 10, demonstrating that it's not all doom and gloom in London, it just depends on where you work.

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