Three ideas for the future of London housing

Lynsey Barber
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The capital's waterways could become home to Londoners' homes (Source: NLA)

How do you solve London's housing crisis?

A "floatilla" of floating homes on the capital's waterways and new homes built on top of hospitals or schools are just some of the ideas put forward by leading architects and developers to revolutionise how we live in London.

A 100-strong shortlist of concepts, which also include a self-built "mega city" near the M25 and micro-housing which fills the gaps between existing homes, have been published by New London Architecture.

The think tank's competition called for innovative ideas to solve the capital's housing crisis and all 100 designs will go on display to the public at The Building Centre from 15 October.

A panel of judges from the design and housing world will decide the ten winning ideas, with their creators participating in the Greater London Authority's working group on future housing to explore how their ideas could be applied.

Here are three of the best.

London's canals are an untapped resource according to Baca Architects. Around 7,500 homes could be created if they were to be home to fixed place floating homes for Londoners.

A similar concept, but this time on the Thames, dRMM's floatopolis would be an entire floating neighbourhood, including lidos, open air cinemas, schools and workspaces.

Filling the gaps. Akira Yamanaka Architect's believes the scheme to build in the empty space between existing homes could supply 100,000 houses.

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