London is the top destination for overseas technology workers

Madeline Ratcliffe
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London has become the most attractive destination for data analysts in Europe (Source: Getty)
London is the most popular destination in Europe for technology jobs as the UK digital economy continues to grow.

A new set of data from jobs site Indeed shows that 3.4 per cent of all overseas jobs searches are for London specifically, with the figure rising to 8.2 per cent for tech jobs.

Nearly one-third of tech jobs in the UK are in London, where the average wage is £49,680, although Cambridge, with an average salary of £45,360, is catching-up.

The average tech salary here still lags far behind the US, where a Java software developer is paid 47 per cent more than in the UK.

The most popular job searched for is data analyst, followed by web developer.

Despite workers trying to come the UK, many firms are unable to bring them in due to government’s strict rules on Tier 2 visas and immigration quota.

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