Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump lashes out against "disgraceful" pay checks for executives

Clara Guibourg
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Thumbs up? Not for high pay checks, according to Donald Trump (Source: Getty)

Republican presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump has struck out against the high salaries that companies pay their chief executives.

The Republican frontrunner called growing pay checks a “total and complete joke” in an interview with CBS, suggesting that corporate boards full of the executive’s friends were to blame for this:

I know companies very well and the chief executive puts in all his friends...and they get whatever they want you know because their friends love sitting on the board.

Trump added that although the situation was “disgraceful”, it would be hard for him to do anything about it when so many boards lack independence.

A stream of controversial comments haven't put a dampener on Trump's success in the polls, and the businessman has sailed up as the favourite to becoming the Republican party’s nominated candidate for the 2016 election, with recent polls putting him ahead in key battleground states.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has also lashed out at executives’ high pay, and recent data showed that US executive pay dwarfs even the UK’s best-paid bosses’ pay checks, with American execs earning on average 200 times as much as their employees.

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