Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leader win was greeted with happiness on Twitter

Lynsey Barber
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Twitter was happy about the Labour leader result (Source: Getty)

While Labour supporters - and of course everyone else across the political spectrum - is unpicking what exactly Jeremey Corbyn's elevation to the top means for the party and UK politics, one thing's for sure: the Twitterati were pretty happy about the outcome.

Analysis of more than a quarter of a million tweets during the Labour leadership contest announcement found the sentiment was overwhelmingly positive, and, in fact, was a ratio of 90 per cent positive versus 10 per cent negative.

Not only that, but the analysis by TheySay, a social media tool spun out of Oxford Univesity, identified exactly what emotions were being conveyed the most by Twitter users, beyond simply positive or negative feelings.

Happiness was the most common feeling when Tweeting about Corbyn, followed by a little bit of hand-wringing (understandably, perhaps) with speculation, while anger, uncertainty and surprise accounted for less than five per cent each, according to the figures.

Twitter mentions of the leadership contest spiked at more than 25,000 at around 11.45am when the winner was announced, and at the same time mentions of Corbyn peaked at more than 14,000 mentions. A big drop in mentions as Corbyn to the stage to make a speech indicated that Twitter stopped to listen, TheySay concluded.

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