Nicola Sturgeon: Second Scottish independence referendum "triggers" will be in 2016 SNP manifesto

Lynsey Barber
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Scotland could get to vote on independence again (Source: Getty)

Nicola Sturgeon has said there could be a second referendum on Scottish independence, a year after the country voted against breaking away.

The First Minister and SNP leader has said the party's manifesto for next year's Scottish Parliament election will include possible timescales and triggers for a second vote.

Sturgeon has previously said the UK's exit from the EU as a result of next year's referendum on membership would be one example, and in an interview with Scotland's Sunday Herald, confirmed there would be more details on a potential vote in its manifesto.

“Our manifesto will set out what we think around the circumstances in which, and the possible timescales in which, a second referendum might be appropriate. It will then be down to people to accept whether they vote for that manifesto. People, as they vote in the election next year, will know what our position is and what our view is on the circumstances in which a second referendum might be appropriate,” she told the newspaper.

David Cameron has promised further devolved powers to Scotland in the wake of last year's referendum, in which Scotland voted 55 per cent against and 45 per cent in favour.

Cameron has previously said that a decision on a second vote would be decided in Westminster, however, the SNP have argued it is down to them to decide whether it includes the commitment in its 2016 manifesto.

Recent polling put the SNP ahead in the Scottish elections. The same survey also questions voters on how they would vote in another referendum on independence - 47 per cent said they would vote "Yes" while 42 per cent would vote "No".

The SNP's annual party conference is due to take place in October.

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