MPs' expenses: Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham has claimed most out all MPs so far this financial year

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Burnham has claimed £18,122.65 so far this year (Source: Getty)

Somewhat fortunately for Andy Burnham, the Labour leadership vote is now closed.

Why? Because so far in this financial year he has claimed more expenses than any other MP in Westminster. In total he claimed £18,122.65 since April, according to data released by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

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That's almost £4,000 more than the MP who claimed the second most, Gerry Sutcliffe, who received £14,163.71. Put another way, Burnham, whose constituency is Leigh, Greater Manchester, claimed almost 28 per cent more than the next closest MP.

The average MP has claimed £3,593.36 so far this year. Of course, there are differences in circumstances between MPs, including where their constituency is, which will in large part determine how much they claim. Still, Burnham has claimed over five times that average, and there are other MPs who don't live in London who claimed far less - even one on the list below in Scotland.

MPConstituencyAmount claimed
Andy BurnhamLeigh£18,122.65
Gerry SutcliffeBradford South£14,163.71
William McCreaSouth Antrim£11,715.12
Ben GummerIpswich£11,335.81
Jim SheridanPaisley and Renfrewshire North£11,220.55
Michael MeacherOldham West and Royton£9,945.81
Penny MordauntPortsmouth North£9,823.80
Ian MurrayEdinburgh South£9,731.93
Ben WallaceWyre and Preseton North£9,731.93
John McDonnellHayes and Harlington£9,722.88

Compare that with Labour leadership favourite Jeremy Corbyn, who has claimed just £469.18. Though, admittedly, he is the MP for Islington North - so isn't allowed to claim for rent.

Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, meanwhile, took £2544.52 and £5710.52 each.

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This comes two days before the result of the Labour leadership election is announced, where veteran MP Corbyn is anticipated to become the next leader by a large majority of votes.

That's not all bad news for Burnham, as Corbyn has previously said he would happily work with all factions of the party, indicating he would offer Burnham a cabinet position. But, if if Corbyn does win, Burnham's new superior might just have something to say to him about his expenses....

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