Apple and Hermès team up to make a £1,000 Apple Watch: Is this the most stylish smartwatch yet?

Clara Guibourg
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Apple goes couture (Source: Apple)

If you think the Apple Watch is too basic, you’re going to like this news. Apple has teamed up with Hermès to unveil a £1,000 Apple Watch band designed by the upscale fashion house.

You may have missed it in the slew of Apple announcements made yesterday, from new iPhone models to the giant iPad - but Apple Watch is going couture.

It’s an all-new look for the Apple Watch, with leather bands in a range of colours and models.

Will the move from tech to fashion work for the wearable? Google Glass tried its best to make the same transition by teaming up with designers like Diane von Furstenberg, but failed to remove the “nerdy” stamp associated with the glasses.

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, said although Apple and Hermès are in very different businesses, they aren’t without similarities:

They reflect the deep appreciation of quality design.

Both companies are motivated by a sincere pursuit of excellence and the desire to create something that is not compromised.

This watch won’t come particularly cheap, of course. Depending on which band you choose, it’ll be priced between £1,000-£1,350

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