Can you get this Plymouth graduate a job? International student touts for work outside Canary Wharf station

Edith Hancock
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Jobless graduates resort to touting for work at Tube stations during rush hour (Source: Getty)
There's a growing trend for touting one’s talents at Tube stations.
It started last year, when new graduate Alfred Ajani was struggling to find a job, so took a hands-on approach and stood outside Waterloo station during rush hour until nabbing his first job at recruiter Asoria Group.
Since then, the stunt has been repeated a handful of times by everyone from recent graduates to down-on-their-luck former City workers.
The latest to join the ranks is Jessie Li, who recently graduated from Plymouth University with an accounting and finance degree, touting for a job outside Canary Wharf Tube station.
The problem is, Jessie has just over a month before her student visa runs out and she’s forced to move back to live with her family in Hong Kong.
Li told The Capitalist that progress was slow and steady yesterday.
“I’ve been looking online since July, but I get rejected because of my visa status. It’s been a real problem. I have to move back to Hong Kong in October so I thought I’d give it one last shot to see if I can get my dream job.”
As today is Miss Li’s 22nd birthday, we thought we’d lend her a hand.
Do you have a position perfect for a first-class finance grad? Drop The Capitalist an e-mail and we’ll connect you.

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