Occupy London protesters take on the Feds over iPhone surveillance claims during St Paul's siege

Edith Hancock
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Protesters claim police interfered with their iPhones and Macbooks (Source: Getty)
Meanwhile in the City, Occupy London’s protesters are taking on the Feds, with lawyers for the group demanding to know whether police used anti-terrorism powers to interfere with the hippies’ Macbooks and iPhones during their siege of St Paul's.
Matthew Varnham, director of Legal Observers, claims that the revolutionaries “faced various technical issues with their computers and mobile phones. Each of these issues matches a technical capability of GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group”.
A senior City figure with knowledge of the police operation told The Capitalist:
“The idea that we would waste resources on these swampies is absurd. If we wanted to know what they were up to we’d just stand outside their tents and listen to them bang on about ending capitalism.
“We could even have joined one of their poetry sessions, but I wouldn’t wish that on any City of London police officer.” Apply cold water to that burn.

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