New Apple TV with its own app store and Siri unveiled by chief executive Tim Cook

Jessica Morris
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Apple chief exec Tim Cook declared the future of TV is apps (Source: Getty)

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook today announced that the Apple TV is getting a makeover - with its own app store and a brand new operating system.

The new Apple TV, available from October, will cost between $149 (£67) and $199 depending on the model.

It will have a dedicated app store, letting developers make games and other applications for the TV set-top box, like they have for the iPhone and iPad.

"Our vision for TV is simple and perhaps a little provocative. We believe the future of TV is apps," Cook said.

"In fact, this transition has already begun. We’re spending more and more time on our computers and mobile devices enjoying great content through apps."

Users will be able to universally search for content that's on streaming services such as iTunes and Netflix.

Another widely anticipated feature is the redesigned remote, which comes with a built-in touch-pad, motion sensitivity, as well as a Siri button which enables voice control.

Shares in Apple were trading down 0.75 per cent at pixel time.

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