How will Apple's share price be affected by the iPhone 6S (or is it iPhone 7?) launch?

Clara Guibourg
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Tim Cook has got some big news for Apple lovers today (Source: Getty)

What’s going to happen to Apple stocks after Tim Cook’s big announcement at the Apple launch later today? This is the question investors are all asking themselves, waiting with bated breath for news on the latest iteration of the iconic smartphone.

The short answer is that the tech giant’s shares are usually down immediately after any major launch - but in the longer term, the only way is up for Apple shares.

In the short term, half of the company’s launches have caused share prices to dip below the post-launch open price and then fail to go back above it for the next 20 days.

In the longer term, however, stocks have rebounded after all but two of the company’s launches.

Tim Cook will be unveiling a new iPhone model later today, alongside a whole host of other goodies, rumoured to include news on the Apple Watch, iOS 9, and Apple TV.

But there are signs investors are growing concerned, as Apple’s stocks are down pre-launch for the first time since the first iPhone was presented back in 2007.

The company’s shares have tumbled 17 per cent since July.

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