Labour leadership race: Want to be like Jeremy Corbyn? Now you can, with this blazer

James Nickerson
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Corbyn sports a similar blazer (but sans tie) (Source: Getty)

We all know Jeremy Corbyn, the nation’s new political celebrity, is more than a man with bold ideas: with his characteristic beard and crumpled suits, his distinct style transcends generations.

Now you can look just like him - with the "Jeremy Corbyn 70s Beige Burton Blazer" on Ebay. Simply combine with a white shirt and dark red tie, and you’re set.

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"You've seen the man, now you can be the part, in this vintage Burton beige blazer by John Weiz," says seller vintageagency, who describes the garment as having “Exposed stitching. Tailor cut, perfect for demonstrations and down your lefty pub”.

Delivery the next working day after King Corbyn's expected coronation (Source: eBay)

But even when you've finished a long day at the office, you can still channel your political hero - by picking up one of Corbyn’s “sexy” £1.50 vests from a stall at Nag’s Head Market.

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The one thing you may find it harder to emulate is that beard. After all, Corbyn has won the parliamentary beard of the year award five times now. Alas, quality facial hair like that isn't available on Ebay....

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