The refugee crisis, the EU referendum and London's skyline: Here's what got us talking this week

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No signs of peace in the Middle East (Source: Getty)

Here's what got us talking this week

1) The refugee crisis
Disturbing images of dead toddler Aylan Kurdi galvanised the world into action over the Syrian refugee crisis this week. Pressure was piled onto David Cameron, who eventually announced Britain would accept “thousands more” migrants into the country – although details were scarce – and this billionaire offered to buy a Greek island to house the people desperate for somewhere safe to live. Even football team Bayern Munich donated €1m to the cause.
The debate raged around responsibilities and rights, but as this article pointed out, accepting more refugees is not just morally good – it has cultural and economic benefits too.
2) The EU referendum hotted up
The government had presumably hoped the wording on a referendum ballot would work in its favour for once, but the Electoral Commission has told it to make the question less biased. Party pooper. That's not all – Cameron has also been forced into a corner over purdah period rules. And not forgetting Nigel Farage's one man tour – not as a stand-up comedian or a rock star, but spreading the word about leaving the EU.
3) Your commute got way more snugly
A crowdfunded jacket aimed at commuters has been so successful it raised 400-times what its creator needed – a whopping $8m (£5.2m). Once you've seen it in action, you'll understand why. We want this jacket so much we don't even know where to start.
4) The mother of all burgers could still happen
The McWhopper got our lips smacking, but it wasn't to be. Still, Burger King isn't giving up that easily – Peace Day (21 September) could still yield an incredible fusion of fast food goodness. But, as this article points out, even if it remains a daydream, the stunt has given Burger King a tasty PR push.
5) There's something in the air
And it's probably a high rise building of some sort. But whether it's the Walkie Talkie or a block of flats, this was a week of complaining about London's horizons. There were of course those who defended 20 Fenchurch Street, but no one is sticking their necks out for the tower block.

Chart of the Week

In short, not many have come to the UK. (Source: Getty)

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