EU referendum: Ukip leader Nigel Farage is going on an anti-EU tour of the UK, including Leeds, Essex and London

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Nigel Farage said he will not seek to be the official leader of the "no" campaign (Source: Getty)

Nigel Farage - regarded by some as rockstar-esque for taking on the establishment, and others as something of a comedian - is attempting to consolidate his image by going on tour.">

The “Say No to the EU referendum tour”, which will put forward arguments as to why British people should vote to leave the European Union, starts on Monday and leads through to the end of November, hitting destinations across the UK.

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At the launch of the tour in Westminster, the Ukip leader said: “The campaign to leave the European Union starts today, and if we get it right we can win.

"We are organising the largest Eurosceptic campaign perhaps ever seen, the biggest we've definitely seen since 1975. We have 300 public meetings organised already, from local councils to massive theatres."

Ukip will “share the stage” with anyone, Farage said.

“We won’t win the referendum if we don’t get people on the centre-left to vote to leave as well. Euroscepticism is seen as for those on the centre-right, but that isn’t correct historically. It was Labour who wanted to leave in 1975.”

These comments follow a plea Farage made yesterday, when he called on those on all sides of the political spectrum to join the No campaign, pushing for those on the left to make their voices heard, especially Jeremy Corbyn.

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Farage also used the launch to commend the changing of the referendum question, and pushed for changes to the “purdah” period.

In July, he called on the No movement to get started, accepting the Yes side are in the lead, as he announced a major grassroots Ukip campaign to start in September.

However, Farage has ruled himself out from leading the No side, having suggested a business leader or sports figure should be the face of the campaign.

The tour will start in Margate, moving on to Belfast, Essex, Gateshead and Swansea before November. Continuing on, Farage will speak to an audience at Cheltenham, Chester, Basingstoke, London and Leeds.

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