Fuelling online hypochondria, luxury Onhub Router and Project Sunroof: New projects Google's been working on

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Google's released a rash of new projects recently (Source: Getty)

Google's has been fuelling everyone’s hypochondria for years - but now its new health information feature, launched today, will send those with a tendency to panic about every little twinge into overdrive.

What’s the first thing you do when you think you’ve fallen ill? After reaching for Lemsip or painkillers, many go online, searching for clues as what their mysterious symptoms might be. With its new healthcare feature, they can now do it without even leaving search results.

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So if you’re wondering what tropical disease you seem to have picked up over the summer, just type in “malaria” and get everything from symptoms and treatment to how common the condition is - directly in Google’s so-called "knowledge graph". The feature covers 900 different illnesses.

We hope this can empower you in your health decisions by helping you learn more about common conditions.

So the next time you need info on frostbite symptoms, or treatments for tennis elbow, or the basics on measles, the Google app will be a better place to start.

This is just the latest of a rash of new Google projects announced since its Alphabet shake-up. Here’s a round-up of the ones you need to know about.

1. Onhub router

Priced at $200, this is undoubtedly at the luxury end of the router market - but then it does promise to solve everyone's little router annoyances. Google promises it will automatically install updates and connect to the best channel - and you can control it using a mobile app.

2. Project Sunroof

Been considering installing solar panels? Google can now tell you how well solar would work on your roof.

This creepy-but-cool feature uses Google Maps and the (extensive) data Google has about your area, including weather. It also takes into account factors like how much shade falls onto your roof from nearby trees.

3. Streetview app

Continuing the tech world’s fascination with unbundling features into separate apps, Streetview is now a separate app from Google Maps. Perfect if you’re into daydreaming of faraway places by exploring 360-degree images of them.

4. ...And the new-look logo

Most exciting of all, of course, is the new logo that the company unveiled earlier this week.

Google’s new look is softer, rounder - and was immediately reviled on social media, as ever a reminder that most people hate change...

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