Long hours and lack of internet: What we hate most about business travel revealed

Clara Guibourg
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Business travel - oh, the glamour (Source: Getty)

Business travel may be seen as a glamorous job perk, but it’s certainly not without its struggles, as a new survey reveals our biggest dislikes with travelling for work.

Having to be apart from family is travellers’ biggest annoyance, British Airways data shows, with two-thirds citing it as a concern.

But we also hate the long hours that come with the trips, and the stress of travelling.

Recent research suggested that frequent business travellers could even be exposed to health risks - not to mention a bigger risk of divorce because of the strain being away from their families placed on their relationships.

It’s not all gloom and doom though: There are a couple of upsides to business trips, as eight out of 10 of those surveyed enjoy getting a chance to visit new places.

And almost everyone, nine out of 10, like getting a chance to catch up on extra work on the flight.

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