Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: What does your favourite social network say about you?

Clara Guibourg
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Love Facebook? Or is Linkedin more your jam? (Source: Getty)

Linkedin lover or addicted to Twitter? What social network you spend most of your time on reveals more than you might think about your gender, age and even social grade.

Polling institute Ipsos Mori has released its latest quarterly Tech Tracker, which analyses how Britons access the internet (short answer: everywhere and a lot).

Alongside the latest figures on smartphone ownership it also includes a breakdown of who is using what social media platform - here’s what we’ve learned:


The typical Linkedin user is a man in his early thirties. Over 60 per cent of the site’s users are male.

He’s probably pretty well-off, with more than half of the site’s users social grade AB.

Although tablets haven’t quite managed to become an essential household item, Mr. Linkedin sure does love his. Seven in 10 users own a tablet, which is twice the UK average.


Twitter users are young. More than three-quarters are under 45, and the most typical Twitter user is a woman in her early twenties.

She’s probably pretty addicted to her smartphone (all the better to keep those retweets coming) as smartphone ownership is near universal, with 92 per cent of the site’s users owning one.


Love Instagram? We’re going to bet that you’re a woman. Most social networks have far more male than female users, but Instagram is the exception, as 6 in 10 users are women.

She’s also young, probably in her teens or early twenties, and almost certainly owns a smartphone.


The Facebook user is pretty young. You may feel like everyone from your grandmother to your uncle is now using the site, but the profile of Facebook users is still quite a bit younger than the UK average.

The site’s users are almost equally split male and female, and are fairly evenly spread across social grades, a testament to the fact that Facebook really is everywhere. Almost nine in ten own a smartphone, and just over half have a tablet.

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