Calais migrant crisis: Hundreds of Eurostar passengers left stranded overnight after "intruders" storm the Channel Tunnel

Catherine Neilan
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This is the latest incident in the ongoing migrant crisis (Source: Getty)
Several hundred Eurostar passengers were stranded in Calais overnight after yet more chaos caused by intruders thought to be migrants attempting to cross through the Channel Tunnel.
Around six Eurostar trains were held up after the incidents began around 10:30pm last night. According to AFP, several hundred people were still stuck at Calais-Frethun station at 5am this morning, where one train had been towed to. The total number of people affected has not been confirmed, but the maximum capacity of a Eurostar train is 750.
A Eurostar spokeman told the wire it was due to “the presence of intruders on the tracks at the French entrance to the tunnel, on the site of Eurotunnel".
The passengers were given food and water, and emergency services were on hand “for those who need help, especially the elderly," he added.
Eyewitnesses said soldiers were present as the six trains were towed back to the station. Passengers said they had seen people running “probably migrants”. One told AFP the Eurostar had to wait for "a helicopter to ensure there were no migrants above us".
Several people used social media to document the incident, with one saying his train was "surrounded by migrants".
"Been asked to listen out for people walking on the roof," he added.
One other train returned to Paris, and one remained in London. The remaining trains made it through to London after several hours.

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