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Don't you wish your branding was hot like mine? (Source: moneysupermarket) has reported a 44 per cent rise in profit in the six months to the end of June.

So what is the secret to this success?

YouGov BrandIndex’s set of data shows that the price comparison market is characterised by memorable ad campaigns that in some cases have become part of popular culture.
Think Russian meerkats and an annoying moustachioed opera singer and you get the picture.
At Moneysupermarket, huge cut-through was achieved by using a man dressed in a suit jacket, women’s shorts and high heels, walking down the street past stunned onlookers. Now they have launched a new campaign, featuring… a pole-dancing builder.
YouGov’s Ad Awareness Metric measures whether a respondent has heard or seen an advert from a particular brand. The previous campaign reached a very impressive high of 26 per cent in March.
The new campaign has yet to reach the same heights – although it is still showing a healthy rating of 18 per cent, and there is still time for it to capture the public imagination.
That first advert also coincided with a rise in the company’s WOM (Word of Mouth) exposure score.

So who uses the service?

YouGov Profiles show they’re aged 40-54, right-wing leaning and they tend to describe themselves as “sincere”, “reliable” and “thoughtful”.
The internet is their main source of information, they also say that while watching TV, they search the web for products that are advertised. They’re also online and watch TV for 11-15 hours a week.
It is the success the service has had among this group that has seen the organisation grow.

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