London travel delays and Southeastern train chaos: A false start for the City’s DLR commuters?

Edith Hancock
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Some commuters were forced to use the Emirates Air cable car to work yesterday morning (Source: Getty)
Commuters were launched back into work head first yesterday morning when workers trying to get into London on the DLR faced pretty heavy delays.

Southeastern services were already having problems, as operators announced that all lines between Deptford and Charlton were “blocked”, resulting in services either being delayed or diverted through Lewisham.

As if that wasn’t enough, a signalling fault and obstructions on the DLR meant that routes between Canary Wharf, Lewisham, Tower Gateway and Beckton also suffered.

Naturally, Twitter reacted in style.

While some commuters were forced to actually use the Emirates Air cable car to get into work (but were then faced with delays upon alighting at the Jubilee line), one Twitter user was so confused by the ordeal that he sent a complaint to the Legal Obudsman in the hope that TfL would read it.

Ever helpful, the obudsman directed the troubled commuter towards Transport Focus instead. TfL said that normal service had resumed by midday, so at least everyone got home.

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