Sporty Airbnb app gets FTSE approval ahead of launch date

Edith Hancock
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It's important to stay fit when you work in the City. With all the drinks receptions, gourmet dinners and long hours that define the industry, workers in the capital are desperate to find an easy way to get off their backsides and kick a ball.

Now a new app, promising to be the “Airbnb of sports” that allows City workers to book a tennis court, football pitch or lido for all your sporting needs, is getting some welcome attention from London’s biggest bosses. Gone are the days of setting down four jumpers in the park; venue-booking website is bringing its service to smartphones acrosss the capital as it prepares to launch a free app later this month.

Among the investors are chiefs from FTSE 100 listed companies including Taylor Wimpey chair Kevin Beeston and former Capita founder Rod Aldridge.

Beeston, said that the app, which helps City workers find local venues at no extra cost, is making sports a smart investment. He told The Capitalist: “The sports and fitness industry is in rude health and MyLocalPitch represented an excellent investment opportunity from the off.” Now you’ve been told.