Farage: Ukip is launching its own anti-EU campaign, but won't seek to be the official leader of the "no" movement

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Some Ukip members believe Farage is too divisive (Source: Getty)
Ukip is gearing up to launch its own anti-EU membership campaign, but the party won't seek designation as the official leader of the "no" movement.
In an interview with Radio 4's Today programme, party leader Nigel Farage said the campaign was going to be separate from the two no campaigns already in existence, but insisted he would be open to working with anybody.
Let’s be clear. I am not refusing to work with anybody. I will work with absolutely anyone for us to get a No vote in this referendum.
There are two competing groups who want to get the nomination for the No campaign. All I am saying is I am not choosing one side or the other. We will work with whichever of them gets the nomination.
The pro-independence party will later this week reveal the details of its campaign to persuade people against voting to remain part of the EU. Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to hold an in-out membership referendum before the end of 2017.
According to the BBC, party leader Nigel Farage believes neither of the other two campaigns can match Ukip's combination of "political nous" and reach outside of Westminster.

One No campaign

Ultimately, there will only be one “no” campaign and one “yes” campaign. Each of these will have access to a grant, broadcasting opportunities and more money to spend, so it's a prize worth winning.
The two campaigns that have already been set up are the “know” campaign, led by pro-business figures, and the "No" campaign, which is backed by those in Westminster. The Electoral Commission has not yet decided which of the two“no” campaigns will gain this backing.

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