Syriza's poll lead narrows ahead of Greek election on 20 September

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Outgoing Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was sworn in on 27 January (Source: Getty)

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza party is likely to be the biggest party after the county's election on 20 September, but with less support than in early July, according to a poll by ProRata.

Syriza was supported by 23 per cent, with the conservative New Democracy party hot on its heels with 19.5 per cent, the survey, published in Efimerida Ton Syntakon newspaper today, showed.

In July a ProRata poll showed a larger gap, with 26 per cent of the electorate in support of Syriza and 15 per cent in favour of New Democracy, the party it took over from in January. Meanwhile, Popular Unity, the party formed last week by ex-Syriza MPs unhappy with the bailout deal struck between Tsipras and Greece's creditors, was backed by just 3.5 per cent of the survey.

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A third of those who voted for Syriza in elections in January said they were completely undecided.

Snap elections were triggered just over a week ago, when Tspiras announced his resignation after 206 turbulent days in power.

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The poll also showed 64 per cent of Greeks believe Tsipras’ move to seek a fresh mandate was wrong, while 68 per cent believe Greece should stay in the Eurozone even if membership brings the price tag of austerity.

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