Most people in the UK feel burnt out by the stress of work

Sarah Spickernell
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It's common to feel exhausted at work (Source: Getty)
Most people in the UK feel burnt out by the pressures of work, according to figures seen by City A.M.
A report by recruitment company CareerBuilder found that on average, 66 per cent of people sometimes feel so exhausted by their job that they struggle to function properly. For an unfortunate one in 10, this feeling never goes away.
“Burnout is natural and can happen to even the most dedicated workers at the best of employers,” said Scott Helmes, managing director of CareerBuilder UK.
For most workers it’s a passing phase, but when employees start to feel as if they are burned out all the time, it can start to affect their work and in some cases, the business overall.

A love of work

While feeling burnt out is never a pleasant experience, it clearly doesn't change most people's overall perception of their job.
The survey, which involved 1,000 full-time and part-time workers across a range of sectors in the UK, also found that just seven per cent of people actively disliked or hated their work.
While there were plenty who felt half-hearted or were unsure, 43 per cent said they liked their job and a quarter went even further and said they loved their job.

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