Bocca di Lupo restaurateur says he would charge any striking Tube driver double the price

Edith Hancock
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Jacob Kennedy would charge striking Tube drivers double at three of his London restaurants (Source: Getty)
The Tory crackdown on union strike action has been pretty hardcore in recent months, but it looks like a ceasefire is on the horizon after London Underground protests were called off earlier this week.
City chef Jacob Kennedy hit back at Tube staff this week, saying that he would charge any striking workers double at three of his London restaurants, including the Michelin starred Bocca di Lupo.
Kennedy’s past clientele includes Prime Minister David Cameron, domestic goddess Nigella Lawson, and actor Pierce Brosnan.
We expect that unionised Tube drivers are not among a typical table of guests.
Luckily for any Tube drivers with a refined palate, Kennedy was forced to retract the offer when the Tube strike was called off.
And if there is another strike, they may want to bear this in mind – Kennedy promised a half-price meal to any workers who defy the action and turn up to work to “support society”. Now there’s an incentive...

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