Black Monday 2015: Here's the market index which mattered most according to Google searches

Lynsey Barber
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China's worries spread on Black Monday (Source: Getty)

Black Monday may have started with the Chinese economy, but it was the Dow which ended up gaining most of the world's attention online.

Search interest in the unfolding events on the world markets focused on the US index more than any other in the majority of countries around the globe, according to data from Google.

The Shanghai Composite ranked at the top market index search in just three countries - China, neighbouring Laos and Congo.

The shock of China's economic troubles spread to global markets - wiping $1.6 trillion from their value - but it was the Dow moving 4,000 points in a single day and its biggest opening drop in history which sparked search interest amid talks of contagion.

The FTSE, meanwhile, was the most searched for index in the UK, Burundi and Swaziland. However, London was the fifth biggest spot from which came searches for the Chinese economy.

Who's Googling "Chinese economy"?


1. Melbourne, Australia

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3. Sydney, Australia

4. New Delhi, India

5. London, England

The most searches for Black Monday came from Singapore, followed by Japan, Ireland, the UK and Canada, with search interest spiking just after 3pm British time.

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