Identity of Canary Wharf's resident seal revealed

Edith Hancock
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The mysterious Canary Wharf seal is called 'Hallie'

Just last week we asked our readers to settle the debate over the identity of Canary Wharf’s resident seal.

Now, senior fisheries inspector at Billingsgate Market Barry O’Toole has exclusively revealed that the notorious marine mammal, who lives underneath the market and is fed the freshest salmon in London by resident fishmongers, is called neither Sammy nor George.

Toole told The Capitalist: “The less scientific people around here may think he’s called Sammy, but actually, it’s Hallie." Hallie the seal is named after his own species, Halichoerus grypus.

Sadly, all is not well down at the docks, as despite a new report from conservationists ZSL Marine claiming that Canary Wharf is one of the best places to spot marine wildlife in London, Hallie hasn’t been seen for over a week.

Officials at Billingsgate market say “debris and clutter” has washed up this week, blocking Hallie’s access to his precious salmon breakfast.

Caring deeply for its beloved mascot, Canary Wharf Group were quick to survey the surrounding area.

“The natural wildlife in the area is very important to us. We have cleared the debris we’ve found and are doing everything we can to make sure the water is clear.”

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