Jeremy Corbyn will apologise for Iraq War on behalf of Labour if he wins leadership contest

Lynsey Barber
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If elected, Corbyn will say sorry for Iraq (Source: Getty)

Labour leader frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn has promised to apologise for the Iraq War on behalf of the party if he becomes leader.

Corbyn will issue a statement saying sorry for the invasion of Iraq if he wins the battle to succeed Ed Miliband as party leader in the hotly contested race.

He told the Guardian: "... it is past time that Labour apologised to the British people for taking them into the Iraq war on the basis of deception and to the Iraqi people for the suffering we have helped cause. Under our Labour, we will make this apology."

“Let us say we will never again unnecessarily put our troops under fire and our country’s standing in the world at risk. Let us make it clear that Labour will never make the same mistake again, will never flout the United Nations and international law,” he said.

The MP for Islington North was opposed to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and attended anti-war marches.

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