Your co-workers secretly think you're bad at your job: 66 per cent of office workers wonder how colleagues got their job

Clara Guibourg
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Two in three wonder how their colleagues got their job (Source: Getty)

Got any dozy colleagues you like to moan about? Watch out, odds are they may be thinking the same of you, according to new research suggesting that two in three office workers think their co-workers are bad at their job.

Some 66 per cent of office workers quietly wonder just how their colleagues got their job, according to a new study from B2B marketplace Expert Market, surveying 2,000 office workers.

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It seems a lot of us are worried about the competency of our co-workers, and 24 per cent harboured suspicions that not even their manager was qualified for their job.

Michael Horrocks of Expert Market said that more people appear to be volunteering for job roles they aren’t “necessarily fully qualified for”:

It is interesting to see in a tough job market people are applying for jobs where they might not tick all the boxes in terms of qualifications and skills but are relying on learning on the job.

But if you are among those who might have over-reached when applying for a job, not to worry: Almost half, or 47 per cent of those surveyed agree that it’s completely fine to apply for a job even if you’re not quite qualified for it.

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