Upcoming City slickers should take better care on social media

Edith Hancock
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YOU ALWAYS hear rumours of big companies trawling through prospective employees’ social media profiles to look for dirt, but the finance world is slacking on the job. The Capitalist is privy to a few accounts of London’s young City slickers, and these are just a few of the hot takes and drunken escapades coming out of the woodwork. For purposes of anonymity we’ve decided to remove their names... this time.

“Went to a new level of f**ked up last night, last time I drink anything put in my hand”

Canary Wharf commodity broker.

Accompanied by photo of said broker lying in his own vomit, which is also his cover photo

“I can’t wait till these selfish f**kers get made redundant”

Broker at Arthur J Gallagher & Co on the sensitive subject of Tube drivers.

“Most people COULD do it.... SHOULD do it.... or WOULD do it......I #JustDoIt”

Partner with estate agents Knight Frank. #Deep