Think the UK's experiencing a migrant crisis? It's nothing compared with Denmark, Austria and Sweden

Billy Ehrenberg
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The UK is facing a migrant crisis - but other European countries have accepted more asylum seekers (Source: Getty)

The UK may be in the grip of a migrant crisis - but the number of people applying to come to the UK pales in comparison to many other European countries, it turns out.

The number of people seeking asylum in Europe peaked at 70,720 in February, data from Eurostat shows. Of those, 2,255 applied to come to the UK - while 4,050 applied to go to Sweden, and 26,085 applied for shelter in Germany.

And as a percentage of the population, the number of people applying for asylum in the UK is also low compared with many other European nations, with 493 people seeking asylum in the UK per million members of the population, compared with 8,343 in Sweden, 4,343 in Hungary and 3,269 in Austria.
To be fair, the present migrant "crisis" has caused problems for the UK's hauliers, with the Freight Transport Association suggesting the UK is losing as much as £250m in trade a day thanks to the delayed shipments of goods.

Nevertheless - when put into perspective, it looks like the number of people trying to get into the UK is less a "swarm", more a "trickle"...

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