Leaving London: Half of those living in the capital want to leave - here's where they want to move to

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Tired of London tired of life? Not in these other cities

Is everyone in London packing their bags for more than just a holiday?

There's talk of leaving London flying all over the place - from HSBC to the liberal left, apparently, and a third of Londoners think they'd be better off elsewhere due to the stress and expense of living in the capital.

Now, it's not just a creeping sense that there may be greener pastures out there with a more laid back lifestyle. Half of those living in the capital would actually choose to live outside of it, a new survey has found.

But which other city could seriously give London a run for its money?

Glasgow and Manchester are the contenders for Londoners' affections, according to online furniture retailer Zespoke, with the two cities coming out on top in a poll of which city they would most like to live in.

Londoners have a (perhaps surprisingly) fond view of the north, and in particular Scotland, with Edinburgh their third choice and Newcastle fourth. However, people did make their own suggestions for the city they'd most want to live in, which combined came out ahead of these. They included locations such as Aberdeen and Brighton.

Top cities for Londoners who want to leave

1. Glasgow

2. Manchester

3. Edinburgh

4. Newcastle

5. Belfast

6. Aberdeen

7. Brighton

8. Cardiff

9. Norwich

If anyone was worrying London is losing its lustre, though, the poll also counted which city the rest of the UK wants to move to - and it seems the grass is always greener. Overwhelmingly, London was the top choice.

The top cities where Brits want to live

1. London

2. Edinburgh

3. Glasgow

4. Manchester

Survey based on the responses of 1,000 online users.

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