Oxford so passe

Planet Hollywood founder Robert Earl
STUDENT satisfaction remains un­dented by higher fees, according to yesterday’s national survey, but more surprising are the unis making students ­happiest. Concerned your offspring didn’t get the right A-levels for international relations at Durham today? Don’t worry, topping the survey were lesser-known schools from Keele to Surrey.

Oxbridge certainly seems to dominate the business landscape, with financier Nat Rothschild and former Barclays chairman Marcus Agius among alumni. But plenty of bosses from newer universities are coming out of the woodwork, too.

Lancaster University may not be the first choice for everyone, but it has produced business brains from Waitrose managing director Mark Price to The Money Advice Service chief Caroline Rookes.

Surrey is where you’d expect City workers to migrate to later in life, rather than a training ground for bosses. But did you know that Surrey University was home to Robert Earl, founder of the Planet Hollywood brand? Never mind classics and economics, Earl studied hotel and catering management in 1973. He said: “I am grateful for the education and training I got at the University of Surrey. Students today need to be able to easily adapt and work in different countries and cultures.” And let’s not forget Keele University, which topped the list and have hundreds of alumni at HSBC, Barclays and IBM. Forget your fancy ties and Bullingdon clubs – these guys have their eyes on the prize!