UK mobile network: Liverpool crowned best city for mobile performance - London's coverage below average

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"....hello? Are you still there?" (Source: Getty)

Bad mobile performance is a frustratingly common complaint. And if you thought that London would have the country’s best coverage, think again.

London actually ranks below average for UK cities, according to a recent study, coming in at a disappointing ninth place out of the 16 cities measured by mobile analytics firm RootMetrics. The city struggles particularly with call performance, where it placed fourteenth, near the bottom of the list.

The winner?

Liverpudlians have cause for celebration, as the study found Liverpool was the best UK city for mobile performance, while Hull trails behind, as the city came bottom of the list across all categories.

Chris Smith, general manager for RootMetrics Europe, commented that good mobile service is “a crucial part” of cities’ infrastructure:

These rankings give a scientific indication of where in the country you are more likely to enjoy reliable mobile performance.

The study measured network reliability, calls, texting, speeds, mobile internet, and overall performance.

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Want to improve your reception? Make sure to choose the best operator for your area - it makes a huge difference. Which? and OpenSignal have produced a live map of mobile phone coverage across the UK, which shows that Londoners might want to opt for EE - as long as they use 4G, but steer clear of it for 3G coverage.

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