In a jiffy and like a bat out of hell: How fast are fast cliches?

We've all tried to impress employers with our enthusiasm by telling them we'll finish tasks in a jiffy - and while we're at it, they've told most of us to make it snappy, too.

But how fast is the blink of an eye or the drop of a hat? And how speedy, exactly, is a bat out of hell? Car dealer reviews site has found the answer to the question not that many people were asking: what's the fastest speed-related cliche?

The result is actually pretty predictable: if you want to impress your speed and efficiency upon your employer, tell them you'll get something done at the speed of light or at warp speed (they're the same, it turns out). If you're feeling a little sluggish, try "lightning quick" - or if you've only just woken up, a "speeding bullet" reference will do.

Just, whatever you do, don't tell them something will be done before the ink is dry. They may as well do it themselves...

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