Tech boss hits back at social spoilsports

Are you a corporate face or an over-sharer?
OPINION is divided on how bosses should carry themselves on social networks. That’s why online marketing experts Social Media Marketing have given us their top tips for chiefs and execs who want to boost their online presence.

Social Media Marketing told The Capitalist that it’s best to err on the side of caution. Tips included avoiding talking about trivial things, checking tweets several times (and running them past your co-workers), avoiding tweeting at work and occasionally showing an interest in people addressing you directly. A spokesperson said: “Many CEOs are bad at listening to their followers, just tweeting their own thoughts.”

While their advice may be tried and tested, some bosses couldn’t disagree more. Anthony Watson, formerly of Barclays and Nike and now at Bitreserve, says he can’t think of anything worse than waiting for a green light from PR. He said: “That’s absolute nonsense. If I had to have my tweets vetted by a company I’d never work with them The best bosses are open, expressive and opinionated, not just a corporate face.” How does your boss tweet? Let us know!