Left-handed City workers still being left behind in the office


Give south-paws a hand (Source: Getty) (Source: Getty)

Office workers who are left-handed are at a big disadvantage at work – at least according to recruiters CV Library, who say left-handed employees still face unexpected obstacles in the workplace. Only a quarter of businesses provide left-handed staff with specialist office equipment and stationery, despite 82.4 per cent of employees believing that employers have a duty to ensure left-handed staff have adequate tools in the workplace. Despite this blatant disadvantage, there’s a lot of successful left-handed people in the City. For all his talk of austerity and migration clampdowns, you’d never guess that David Cameron was a lefty. And business bosses past and present have all come out as south-paws, from the legendary Henry Ford to Bill Gates, and even former IBM boss Lou Gerstner. Meanwhile the Home Office has yet to confirm whether or not it provides Cameron with left-handed stationery at Number 10.