Quiz: How well do you know Google’s Alphabet?

Lynsey Barber
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How well do you really know Google's business? (Source: Getty)

Is it as easy as ABC?

As Google transformed into Alphabet, the rest of its vast empire that isn't the money-spinning search or advertising side took the spotlight.

We've put together this fiendishly tough quiz so you can test just how well you know the mysterious and ever so slightly secretive Alphabet.

Think you know your AI from your project Zero? Think you're top of the class when it comes to knowing all there is to know about the business?

Take the quiz to find out.

If you need a quick cheat sheet, here's our overview of some of Google's lesser-known parts (it certainly won't give you all the right answers though).

A is for...

... Alphabet. Larry Page said why they chose the name. But which of these were NOT one of the influences?

A tasty treat

Google has already enjoyed the ABC convention for naming its Android updates, with a sprinkling of inspiration from the dessert platter. But which of these is the fake, and has NOT been used to name one?

D is for...

... drone. Everyone wants a piece of the drone action, including Google. But what is the name of its secretive drone research project which the Google X team is working on?

H is for…

… health. Google is making interesting inroads into health technology and doing some cutting edge research. But which of these areas has Google NOT been working in.

P is for...

... patents. Last year, Google filed 2,566 patents with US authorities alone. But, which of these is not a Google patent?

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