Alphabet soup? Here's what the new Google looks like

Lynsey Barber and Chris Parmenter
G is for Google, Larry Page told investors

No wonder Google bosses felt they needed to make the structure of the company a little more, well, structured.

The span of the less than two-decades-old company is dizzying.

The arrival of new finance chief Ruth Porat bringing new, and very experienced, eyes to the business may have spurred a clearer line for reporting earnings - a move no doubt welcomed by Wall Street, which has criticised its fuzzy breakdown of revenues.

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So what exactly will the new Alphabet look like?

While co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin say the clear structure of the new business will be revealed in its Q4 earnings, they did hint at the kind of areas which will be split between Google and the holding company, leaving many of the experimental and mysterious projects like robots and driverless cars as separate entities.

Here's our at-a-glance run down of the products and services which are likely to stay with Google or move under the Alphabet umbrella.

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