Company claiming to block nuisance calls fined £50,000... for nuisance calls

Catherine Neilan
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Nuisance phonecalls: People complained of "bullying" and "shouting" (Source: Getty)
A firm claiming to help stop people from receiving nuisance calls has been fined £50,000 – for making nuisance calls.
Point One Marketing, which trades as “Stop the Calls”, was marketing a call-blocking device for phones, as well as a service that removes people from a cold call database.
But an investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) into the Bournemouth-based business found that it was promoting its services through “aggressive cold calling”. Hundreds of people had complained about the company, reporting pressure sales tactics – in some cases “bullying” and “shouting” - and salespeople implying they were operating an official service.
One complainant reported their mother being talked into providing credit card details, despite it being obvious she suffered with dementia.
The ICO has slapped it with a £50,000 fine as a result of breaching the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations.
ICO head of enforcement Stephen Eckersley said: “This company lacked integrity. They tried to sell a product that they claimed would stop nuisance calls, knowing full well they were responsible for so many such calls themselves. They operated in what appears to have been such a bullying, aggressive way only makes matters worse.
“We promised to act swiftly against the companies that break the law and we have. This fine has been issued because of the people who complained to us about this company. But they are by no means the only offender out there.”