Frank Sinatra tribute in Canada Square Park: Rat pack comes to the rat race in Canary Wharf

Would Sinatra be a fan of Canary Wharf?
Regrets; City workers may have a few if they don’t head to Canary Wharf tonight. It’s Frank Sinatra’s would-be 100th birthday and the guys at Canary Wharf Group are putting on a tribute to remember in Canada Square Park.

It’s all part of Twilight Delights – a month of open-air, entirely free concerts in the financial village. So far, the music has been pretty varied, with a BBC Big Band performance of Beatles hits, a medley of musical greats and a night of 80s Queen entertainment from the stars of the West End’s We Will Rock You. Next week promises to bring the 70s to the district, with a set of soul greats to help stressed-out workers boogie the night way.

Tonight, it’s all about ol’ blue eyes himself. Though Mr Sinatra was a more of a Piccadilly man than a Canary Wharfer, his smooth classics are sure to make some senior executives nostalgic.

With so many silver-haired financiers being fans of the rat-pack, your ears will ring-a-ding ding for days (sorry...)

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