William Hill have loads of money

Who needs class when you have £50m in £50 notes to parade before working Londoners?
TACT is not something bookies are known for. From Ladbrokes’ offers on who would replace sacked Barclays chief Antony Jenkins to betting on Greece’s future in the Eurozone, bold statements are a huge part of the betting world. No surprises, then, that William Hill celebrated a £50m prize giveaway by putting £50m in cash in a see-through lorry and driving it around London for the whole capital to see. The money is for the bookie’s Prem Predictor game, with the whole lot up for grabs for the entry which correctly lists the positions of all 20 Premier League teams come May. A spokesperson said: “No bookmaker has ever given away a £50m prize, so to celebrate we needed an equally audacious stunt.” That’s one term for it...

▀ It’s the same routine every week. You work hard Monday to Friday, overdo it on Friday night and waste the rest of the weekend hungover in bed. Well, a group of bright young bankers are trying to buck the trend, starting up a weekly “Bankers Get Fit” workout class first thing on Saturday morning. The group, set up by investment banker and self-confessed thai boxing enthusiast Riccardo Maria Zanella and fellow financier Alberto D’Agnano, are meeting up in Hyde Park at 10am on Saturday to go through some of their favourite exercises (yes, that’s right, “favourite”) with City workers from JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, as well as Amazon and a few tech start-ups. Riccardo says anyone can join the fun, so now you have no excuse.