Sunsets, good music and great TV: These are the top 10 keys to happiness

A gorgeous sunset is one of life's simple pleasures (Source: Getty)

Whole industries have been built on the back of schemes to help people find happiness - but it seems the ultimate key to joy is surprisingly straightforward: a good, old-fashioned sunset.

That's according to a new study, which found 52 per cent of people cite beautiful sunsets as one of the top 10 pleasures that "make life worth living".

Close behind, with 51 per cent of the vote, was music; while "great TV" was cited by 43 per cent of people (not exactly surprising, considering the survey was commissioned by TV channel Dave in honour of its new series, The Last Man on Earth).

But while such simple pleasures as "laughter" and "a nice comfy seat" also featured, it seems happiness is also derived from more advanced technology: life isn't worth it without a "fast wifi connection", according to 38 per cent of those surveyed.

That said, the older people are, the less dependent they are on speedy access to cat videos: 24 per cent of those over 55 said they couldn't live without fast wifi, while 46 per cent of 18 to 25-year-olds said they needed it.

Email, on the other hand, didn't feature in the top 10 - along with video game systems, driving and gossip.

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