Gender equality group to set pay target for female FTSE 100 execs

Caitlin Morrison
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The Davies Review is looking into ways to push the gender equality agenda forwards
The government-backed committee charged with promoting greater gender equality among UK companies is considering targeting earnings as its next campaign issue.

The Davies Review is looking into ways to push the gender equality agenda forwards, after UK firms reached its original target of appointing women to 25 per cent of FTSE 100 board positions earlier this year.

In a report due out on 29 October, the organisation is expected to call on FTSE 100 firms to target having 25 per cent of their top-earning roles filled by women.

“We have been asked to look at what the next phase should look like for women on boards,” Denise Wilson, chief executive of the Davies Review, told City A.M. last night. “One of the areas we will explore is having a target for the highest earning executives in the FTSE 100.”

Wilson added that the Review will continue to rely on companies making voluntary disclosures around issues such as executive pay.

“There is no appetite at all for legislation in this space,” she said.

Another area that the Davies Review will look into is “tugging on the sleeves of women” who already occupy executive positions.

“Our first ask was for men to get behind appointing women but now we will be asking women to reach down and help the women behind them,” Wilson told City A.M..


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