Oil analyst Iron goes Arch to Arc for charity

IT’S NOT just banks hopping on the charity triathlon bandwagon. Aptly-named Tullow Oil analyst Freddie Iron, 24, is attempting to become the youngest ever finisher of the 300 mile Arch to Arc Triathlon, hoping to run, swim and cycle 300 miles from Marble Arch to the Arc de Triomphe.

As just 22 people have come out of the challenge victorious, Ladbrokes is having some fun. It’s helping Iron to reach his goal of £20,000 by making offers on his success (or lack thereof). It’s 8/1 that he’ll make it across the chan­nel within 12 hours, but the favourite is a 14-18 hour window at 2/1. A whole day swimming – cripes.

■ ONE OF life’s best ironies is the cracked iPhone screen. It’s a staple feature on the commute to work; expensive new phones reduced to a glass puzzle. According to Opinium Research, Londoners are awful with phones - 44 per cent of you have broken at least one. While those living in Zone One are the worst with 30 per cent needing repairs, the glamorous Chelsea set come in second at 12 per cent. Phone repair company iCracked is putting on a party next week with your long-suffering mobile in mind. Neglectful Lon­doners will have wrappy hour in the “world’s safest bar”; a normal night out in Covent Garden’s Startisants, but where everything from the floor to the bottles is bubble-wrapped. Because taking bet­ter care of your technology is for peasants.

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