The Royal Mint's £100 coins were so popular, it's had to issue a new edition

Emma Haslett
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Good luck fitting that in your coin purse... (Source: Royal Mint)

You could say it's a license to print money: the Royal Mint has issued a second edition of its massive £100 coins, after the first iteration sold out.

Only 50,000 of the new coins, made from two ounces of 999 fine silver, will be made.

And while the last version showed Big Ben, this time around Buckingham Palace is immortalised in silver.

"In a year that has seen the second birthday of Prince George of Cambridge and the birth of Princess Charlotte... the new £100 coin captures the timeless elegance of the building that is both a family home to Britain's Royals, and a working building," said the Royal Mint. (A £20 coin came out in honour of the birth of Prince George, so it's only fair his sister gets one too).

Designers Laura Clancy and Glyn Davies said the coin, which is technically legal tender (although good luck fitting it in your coin purse) was designed to reflect "the wonders of Britain from the point of view of the thousands of tourists who visit, cameras in hand, to collect their own memories of Britain's famous structures and sights".

Although for full authenticity it would need to feature the artists themselves, complete with the bottom part of a selfie stick...

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