Facebook security chief Alex Stamos calls for internet companies to improve global cyber security at Def Con conference

Clara Guibourg
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Stamos: Facebook has an "obligation" to do more for cyber security (Source: Getty)

Facebook wants the web industry to do more for global cyber security, with the tech giant calling for internet giants to improve cyber security defences in emerging markets.

Speaking at Las Vegas' Def Con cyber security conference, Facebook’s security chief Alex Stamos said consumer internet companies, including Facebook, could no longer rely on the cyber security sector to keep their users safe, but must do their bit - especially in developing countries.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Stamos said the private sector hasn’t done enough for this group, choosing instead to target wealthy customers.

We can’t say you are only safe if you are on the latest phone in a country with a great human rights record.

Facebook is making securing Internet.org, the company’s initiative to get more of the developing world online, its top priority, by launching apps and extending internet access to remote parts of the world.

According to Stamos, one of the hurdles the company now has an “obligation” to overcome is that millions of users in emerging markets are using phones running unofficial and insecure operating systems, making them easy targets of cyber crime.

Stamos criticised cyber security startups for not doing enough, claiming they look too much towards more wealthy consumers in the West.

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