These cities are the biggest tech lovers in the UK: Exeter, Cheltenham and Loughborough buy the most, while London fails to rank

Lynsey Barber
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Londoners may like to think they are ahead of the curve on most things - fashion, food, and the latest trends - but there's one area in which the capital's residents are left trailing.

Where technology is concerned, it's the residents of Exeter who are buying more gadgets than anywhere else in the country.

Cheltenham, Loughborough, Cambridge and Milton Keynes also made the top five tech loving cities for the number of tablets, laptops, TVs and various other tech items they are buying, according to online retailer ebuyer.

Check out the tech loving cities on the map below. Hover over each spot to see which city it is and where it ranks.

London failed even to rank in the top 20 tech buying cities, which is calculated based on the site's sales and taking into account the size of their populations.

Elsewhere, Croydon residents are the biggest buyers of security technology such as CCTV and alarm equipment and people in Maidstone the biggest fans of wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Who's buying which technology the most?

PC components - Bristol

Security tech - Croydon

TVs - Hull

Gaming computers - Cheltenham

Security software - Portsmouth

Storage devices - York

Wearables - Maidstone

Webcams - Poole

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