TfL Tube strike August 2015: Londoners spend over a year of their lives commuting

Clara Guibourg
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You'll spend 417 days here over a lifetime (Source: Getty)

Londoners spend over a year of their lives on the Tube, suggests a new survey from OnePoll, which also reveals who has the longest commutes - and what we do with our time on the train.

Commuting has ground to a screeching halt in the capital today with the second Tube strike in a month closing all underground lines, leaving streets overflowing with people walking, cycling or rickshawing their way to work instead.

But when regular service is resumes, 64 per cent of Londoners use the Tube to get to work, shows OnePoll’s survey, which was commissioned by TheWatchHut. That demonstrates just how much we all rely on the Tube. Over a lifetime, Londoners will spend 417 days travelling to and from work.

Breaking the figures down by area reveals that those south of the river are least likely to use the Tube, less likely to be affected by the strike - or rather, as several disgruntled tweeters pointed out, it just means every day is Tube strike day in south London.

But it’s not all bad news in the south, as commutes are the shortest in London, at under 24 minutes.

West London draws the shortest straw here, with an average commute of half an hour. One in 20 West Londoners spends over an hour on their journey to work.

OnePoll also looked into how we spend our time on the Tube. You may not be surprised that reading or listening to music are the most popular activities, but did you know that 2.7 per cent of commuters bring out their knitting every time they get on the Tube?

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